Why Play Casino Games Online

Many people are asking themselves what are the advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos.  Firstly there is the obvious issue of not everybody having access to land-based casinos.

Some people live in remote locations or in jurisdiction where casinos are not present. Taking a trip to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo is a great thing to do but how many of us can really afford to do so on a regular basis?

Online casino provides us with the possibility of playing from home whenever we want to. It also allows us the comfort of wearing what we want to wear, eating while playing and even watching T.V. when we do so. Or perhaps you like to play for a bit just before you go to sleep? You can simply take your laptop to bed and play.

Another key advantage the online casino has over a land casino is the many game options. A medium size casino will have 50 slots machines while an online casino can have hundreds.

In addition there are many games that do not exists at all in land casinos and the online casino industry has tapped into that market and is offering every game type imaginable.  Just think of a gambling game you wish to play at and you are sure to find it in some online casino.

You can play at an online casino without any destructions or noise. You can play for cents rather than dollars and make your money last longer.  You can also determine the pace of the game and there is no dealer pressuring you to make a decision quickly. You can take as long as you need to think and decide when playing skill games.

And the greatest advantage of all is that you can play for free. Test the games, your knowledge of them and your skills while playing for "play money" and only deposit and play for "real money" when you are ready to do so.

Another amazing advantage of online casinos is the very high payout percentage or payout ratio that they offer for games. While land casinos offer low percentages such as 75% (in Las Vegas) and 80% (Atlantic City), most online casinos offer payout percentages that are as high as 95% - 98% on all games.

This fact gives you the online casino player a much better chance to win at your favorite online casino games.

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