What are High Rollers?

High Rollers are serious players who deposit and wager considerable amounts of money. High Rollers tend to play high stakes games and need special online casinos to cater for them from moment of first deposit all the way to the types of betting limits offered at the tables.

Firstly let's get our terminology right. High Rollers can also be referred to as "Whales". This is a term you are most likely to come across if you belong to any gambling portals or forums. 

Most online casinos want to get High Rollers to play with them but most don't actually cater for such players. Here at Casino Filter we will explain where as high Rollers you can get the best bonuses and loyalty programmers. We will also direct you to those casinos that do not put strict betting limits on their games so that High Rollers can truly enjoy playing in the way they are used to play in land casinos. 

The truth is that high rollers keep many online casinos profitable and while they are fewer in numbers than medium and small players; the revenue they generate for the casino is crucial to the online casino profitability.

This fact seems to stand in some contradiction to the fact that most online casinos do not offer the average High Roller the betting options they are looking for.

Another important factor is the bonuses the online casino offers to High Rollers. The quality online casino will offer separate bonuses for high rollers that will answer their needs for receiving higher bonuses for their substantial first deposits.

Some casinos also offer loyalty programs or VIP programs that offer special rewards to High Rollers.

If you think you might be a High Roller contact player support at your chosen online casino and ask them what special bonuses you can get for higher deposits and what rewards they can offer you for playing high stakes.

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